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How it All Got Started

As Mrs. Tauzin was working for various agencies as a music therapist and developing her counseling skills over the course of many years, she felt as if there was another calling on her heart to further integrate the two disciplines and expand her reach to better serve her community.  Considering her love for music and helping others, the pathway for this practice was created!   Read more about Laura’s journey here.

Why Might You Benefit from Sound Health Counseling Solutions?

Benefits include: Reduced stress, pain, anxiety, and depression, better sleep, and improved work/life balance.  You can expect fewer arguments, better communication and decision-making, improved behavior, self-talk, and concentration, increased self-confidence to handle life’s ups and downs, greater resilience, and enhanced well-being!   

The addition of music or play therapy, as appropriate for your needs, promotes, maintains, heals, and restores mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Our interventions are evidence-based, scientifically, clinically, and practically proven to bring relief to an array of symptoms.  

How Does it Work?

Our services aim to build a meaningful connection with you.  Through that contact, an attitude of willingness to try some of these creative strength-based solutions, and a commitment to reaching your goals, together we can make forward progress towards relieving your symptoms.  Believing in your ability to meet your treatment outcomes makes the process more efficient for you, too.  

Hundreds of clients over the past 20 years have experienced the benefits of these interventions. Many of these clients brightened, “came to life,” and demonstrated increased motivation, memory recall, or social interaction simply when music or expressive art therapy activities were added, making counseling sessions more meaningful and fun. Others reported substantial relief knowing there were solutions they could apply quickly when experiencing uncomfortable or distressing circumstances.  Consider us for yourself or your loved one. Feeling listened to, establishing a connection, having less stress, anxiety, and depression have been a welcomed change for many clients. Others have reported substantial relief knowing there were solutions they could apply quickly when experiencing uncomfortable or distressing circumstances.

Making that first appointment can feel scary. Let’s face it, asking for help is hard. Finding the right provider can also be a challenging journey. Not sure if this is for you or your loved one? Give us a call for a free consultation.

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