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Distance Learning Tools for Children with ADHD

Posted on: October 15th, 2020

Millions of students are learning remotely during this pandemic, including my own. It is a phenomenon that has required teachers, students, and parents to stretch in new ways and embrace technology like never before. Not only are their challenges in just staying connected, but engaging with students differently, keeping them working and learning, and also meeting their unique learning needs. It’s no simple task.

According to Attitudemag.com, the right technology paired with the right teaching methods can help your child become a better student all around. Software or apps that address your child’s specific learning style can help your child achieve his full potential.
Learning strategies may include:

  • Audiobooks or text to speech software
  • Adjust the appearance of text to provide guides for visual tracking and to remove distractions(i.e. changing the font, size, spacing, or colors in a text)
  • Use highlighters and sticky notes to mark up print
  • Use graphic organizers to organize writing tasks
  • Use spell-check tools to create positive writing experiences
  • Create PDF annotation handouts for students to enter responses
  • Reduce the amount of material needed to be copied; Take a screenshot of the assignment on
  • the board; record audio of the class and synchronize with hand-written or typed notes
  • Reduce distractions or change the environment; Allow for white noise or music if needed;
  • incorporate physical movement into daily tasks with fidget toys, wiggle cushions, or sit/stand
  • desk
  • Create a place for everything to organize daily workflow
  • Use visual task timers to assist with time management

For specific apps and software recommendations for your child, see the following link: https://www.additudemag.com/category/parenting-adhd-kids/school-learning/
If you have additional questions on how learning needs and ADHD go hand in hand, give me a call at SHCS.