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Managing an ADHD Meltdown: Part II

Posted on: October 25th, 2021

Part of the mystery of meltdowns is figuring out the clues that lead to them in the first place.  Was my child hungry?  Did she get enough sleep? Was the school work too much?  Did something happen earlier in the day? Learning to recognize the first signs can make adjusting the intervention all that easier and help to lengthen your child’s fuse. 

According to Healthline, here are some common tips for catching those warning signs:

  • Notice which events and times of day are hardest for your child
  • Act with empathy when your child is angry
  • Provide opportunities to talk about frustrations
  • Teach your child how to self-monitor feelings and walk away when necessary
  • Allow your child to have appropriate boundaries
  • Help your child plan and organize to avoid frustration
  • Talk with healthcare providers about treatment options
  • Work to regulate your own emotions when your child is angry
  • Use a calm voice and try to name for your child what he might be feeling

Managing meltdowns can be frustrating but it can get better.  Need some guidance?  Contact me at SHCS.