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Transition to School During a Pandemic

Posted on: September 15th, 2020

Your child may be asking, “When are we going back to school?  Will we be able to ride the bus?  When can I see my friends again? Will school be in-person or on-line?  I have a 504 or an IEP.  How will I get the help I need?”

These are not easy questions to answer.  School districts are hard at work putting together risk management plans, surveying parents, and developing educational frameworks to meet this expectation.  Other parents may choose alternative options such as home or cyber school to eliminate the need for exposure to the virus at school altogether.

No one knows for sure how schools will look in August/September, however there are some possibilities being talked about to ensure students receive a quality education whether in-person or on-line.  Students will need to work differently and families will need to be flexible.

However, for working parents, already juggling the demands of a job, and in many cases of whom are not teachers, the mention of continued online school places additional stress on families.  Not to mention the real possibility of illness and spread still lingering in the air as the idea of returning to school commences. 

With such uncertainty, parents can develop a plan, script, or story for their child on what they do know.  For example:

  • School resumes in the fall.  
  • We will still have classes.  
  • We will still work with teachers.  
  • We will still have homework.  
  • School may look different than last year.  We might need to go in-person a few days or we might need to continue to do school at home on line.   
  • Perhaps your child will still ride the bus, or your child will be dropped off.  
  • There will still be routines, chores, family time, and rewards/incentives.
  • We will still connect with friends (whether in person or online).

You can remember to remind your child of times he or she handled change and expectations well.  Build on your child’s strengths during this time.  Also remember that during this pandemic, it is okay to reassure your child about school, fears, and uncertainties associated with it.

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