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ADHD Cleaning

Posted on: October 17th, 2023

I’m being serious. Cleaning and organizing are not my favorite things to do. Given the difficulty from my executive dysfunction to plan, start, and remain motivated in these tasks, I’m prone to procrastination. When I finally overcome the struggle, interesting things happen.

 Solo Going

Without effective medication, I have to be really bothered by my surroundings to change them. First, I pick up garbage, and if I have an extra hand, I might pick up something else that can be put away on my journey. Since I’m up and moving, the getting started piece is in motion. I might have uncovered something else that I can easily put away- or at least put in the area where it belongs (the system isn’t perfect).

With Medication

Sometimes medication lets me choose, other times it chooses for me. If the medication chooses for me, I see a wall of equally important tasks and I want to do ALL OF IT. But I can’t, because I only have two arms, and I get stuck trying to figure out what to do. If I’m paralyzed with indecision, sometimes I create a list of everything I want to do (as specific as possible). I can’t move to act, but I can think to plan, so I take advantage of it. When my brain calms down, I can start doing things and feel great about it later. Fighting an ADHD brain is a lost battle- the key is adaptation. How can I do what I need to do? The answer is different for everyone.

Get Help

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