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This is the process of therapy and the work we do together. Counseling services may be provided individually, with caregivers/family members, or in groups.

During our sessions, you will receive the support you need to overcome personal challenges in desired ways. We understand that you are coming to therapy to feel better and that is what we aim to do in our work together.

Sessions may involve:

  • Talking
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and DBT
  • Play therapy
  • Animal-Assisted Play Therapy
  • Music therapy (music creation, instrument-playing, music listening, lyric analysis),
  • Art tasks
  • Building activities
  • Expressive activities
  • Therapeutic games
  • Skills training
  • Relaxation or mindfulness exercises designed just for you.

Generally, we incorporate a range of client-centered and directive techniques.

Sessions are scheduled on a weekly to bi-weekly basis to start. We schedule sessions less often as symptoms improve and are sustained over time. Homework is assigned and encouraged to be practiced in between sessions to reinforce the skills learned in therapy.

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