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Prior to our first meeting, we will send you some forms to complete to help us better prepare for our time together.  During the intake, you will receive a clinical interview.  We may ask you to complete questionnaires as necessary, to determine the nature of your symptoms, interests, and preferences.  From here we will create a treatment plan by formulating goals together to target the areas of need important to you.  Next, we will identify the interventions most suitable for you.  Once this plan is created, we will be ready to do our work together.  


This is the process of therapy and the work we do together.  Counseling services may be provided individually, with caregivers/loved ones, or in groups.  During our sessions, your will receive the support you need to overcome personal challenges in desired ways.  Sessions may involve talking, counseling techniques, play therapy, animal-assisted play therapy, music therapy (music-creation, music listening, instrument-playing), art tasks, games, and mindful solutions designed just for you.  Sessions are scheduled on a weekly to bi-weekly basis to start.  We schedule sessions less often as symptoms improve and are sustained over time.  


A range of group therapy is offered through-out the year, based on client needs and demand.  Music therapy and counseling groups have addressed social skills and social thinking concepts, emotion-regulation, mindfulness, self-esteem, and general wellness outcomes for a range of individual needs.  Groups are approximately eight-ten sessions and may be offered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Contractual groups with community organizations are also offered.

Workplace Wellness

Our Sound Health Rhythms program offers an experiential wellness solution for your organization using fun, engaging, rhythm-based programming (R2R), world drums, and percussion instruments.  Experience how making music together relieves stress, builds connection, empowers your team, honors the organization’s achievements, and improves the work climate, leaving members feeling valued and revitalized.  Programming is specifically designed for your organization, school, or work place needs.


Mrs. Tauzin has presented music therapy in-services for schools, community organizations, health care facilities, social service organizations, and for play therapists.  


Mrs. Tauzin supervises music therapy and counseling interns. She also provides supervision for LPC candidates.