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COVID19…How are your doing?

Posted on: April 30th, 2020

It’s April.  We continue to hunker down and practice social distancing.  I hope you and your family have been staying well and healthy.  And if you have been ill, I wish you comfort and healing.  For those of you who have faced financial setbacks, grief, and loss for any reasons, my sympathies are with you during this time.  

While COVID19 continues to be prevalent, I am practicing gratefulness for the downtime I am able to enjoy with my family now that we are not running around in different directions to activities.  We have played board games, taken walks or hikes, and read/talk more together.  I genuinely miss hugging my extended family members and spending quality time with friends.  I am more mindful of the little things that are a blessing to me and am reminded of the things in the world that are truly meaningful. 

I am thinking more of the things of the world that are unnecessary and thinking of ways to be more resourceful in the days ahead as we prepare for more disruption.

While increased time together can be a blessing, it may also be more stressful for many families.  For children and adults alike with anxiety, depression, or other mental health needs, feeling confined and around the same people, every day is taxing.  Here are a few ways to pass the time more productively.

  • Time apart (quiet time, personal time, breaks).  Everyone needs time to him or herself.  
  • Together time (prepare a meal together, eat together, have fun together)
  • Get outside and play (walk, hike, garden, etc.)
  • Practice mindfulness (pray, count a particular color in a room, eat slowly paying attention to your senses, focus on a particular sound, a sensation in the body, or your own breath)
  • Stay Busy (clean a room, work on a project, school work, journal about your day, color, call a friend, etc)
  • Find ways to relax (yoga, stretch, bathe, meditate, listen to music, play an instrument, etc)

It may feel like Gilligan’s Island for a while, but remember you are not alone and everyone all over the world is dealing with this.  However, if you and your family need additional support at this time, please contact me at SHCS.