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Electronics in the Summer

Posted on: May 22nd, 2023

For many, screens were a new addition to life. For some, screens have been part of life. For the current school-age generation, screens were built into everyday life. Electronics may bring a sense of convenience that’s hard to beat. Remaining in communication with others can be easier. That electronic has a look and settings that the young person is used to, which brings familiarity. “But their face is glued to that screen!”


If summer camps, daycares, and sports teams are not in your budget, there are low cost and free options too:

  • Libraries have weekly programs
  • Local parks have activities
  • Malls and other facilities may have spaces where you can leave your kids to play while you get other things done (or have self-care time)
  • Family activity times

There is also something called a “Screen Diet”. Childrenshealth.com and mindfulschools.org offer suggestions for starting a screen diet.

  • Schedule screen time. No differently than scheduling other activities, this reinforces routine and can help your loved one to focus on the activity at hand, rather than asking for screen time.
  • Allow an age-appropriate amount of screen time.
  • Create areas in which screens or times in which screens are not permitted. 


Do you struggle to do any of those things as a parent due to your own work, energy, and stress? Try to not judge yourself, you have better things to do with your energy. Timers and alarms are your friends! Some internet providers offer apps that allow you to control internet access to devices in the house. There are apps that can control how long other apps are used. There are ways- you can do this. 

How to Get Help

Is your loved one struggling to handle these transitions and limits? At Sound Health Counseling Solutions, we use talk therapy, play therapy, music therapy, behavior modification, and other tools to help you and your loved one follow limits and manage unpleasant behaviors. Contact us today to see if we’re the right fit for you!