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Having Hope Now and Into the New Year

Posted on: January 15th, 2021

With 2021 upon us, I look forward to a new year, though I admit much of my thoughts continue to be around COVID.  I anticipate the arrival of the COVID vaccine, look forward to seeing fewer cases, and possibly seeing more folks in-person as cases decline over this next year.  I look forward to a return to normalcy and spending time doing experiences outside the home with my family.  I long for a return of planning trips and vacations and seeing my kids involved in community activities.

According to dictionary.com, hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  Other words to describe hope include: to expect, anticipate, look for, wait for,  want, wish for, or dream of.  

According to, How to be more hopeful, there are several ways we can practice being more hopeful.  

  1. Shift your expectations – think about a few things you can look forward to throughout the day.  Think positively.
  2. Recognize that you can change your life at any point.  Open yourself up to the possibilities that exist for everyone, at every age.
  3. Find meaning in the most challenging moments.
  4. Listen to another person’s story with intention.  Invite someone else to share a meaningful time in their life.
  5. Identify the things in this world that you love.  Count your blessings.  Choose gratefulness.
  6. Focus on the good parts in situations.  Listen to inspiring songs, stories, or podcasts.  
  7. Look for the compassion and genuine acts of human kindness among us, even amidst tragedy in our world.

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