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Keeping Track

Posted on: July 26th, 2023

Stressed about having a lot of things to do? Struggling with trying to remember everything? Burning out over doing both of those things while also thinking about how to do what needs to be done? I suggest listing things out. You have a list to fall back on in case you forget things, and it can help a lot with anxiety. You have a list to aid with processing a set of tasks, broken down into smaller amounts. If you have ADHD, you are probably rolling your eyes by now.

But What About…

The idea of having ADHD and maintaining a to-do list is complicated. 

  • Remembering to create a list
  • Remembering the list exists
  • Remembering to use the list
  • Remembering to maintain the list

If you do not have ADHD, those tasks may seem straightforward and obvious. To someone with ADHD, the existence of the list is its own hurdle. 

It’s Not That Simple

The next set of hurdles to overcome:

  • Paper list or digital?
  • Where to keep it?
  • How to design it
  • How to remember it


If non-digital is preferred, a paper method can be used; a notebook, a classic tab of tearable lists, laminated lists, a photo frame with a dry erase marker, or a dry erase board are some ideas. If digital is preferred, there are many apps available, some with reminder settings, some with attached calendars, or the simple note app built into the phone. Find a way to create a routine that includes checking the list. You might not maintain this routine, but it will help remind you that the list exists and to use it. Get in the habit of actually using the list. 

I know someone who uses the notes app on their phone. I know another who uses a paper with a list design on it and this is kept on their bedside table. I personally use a to-do list app that’s connected on my phone and computer. The system isn’t perfect (I still forget sometimes), but I have a lot less stress because I am less likely to forget something and I can break tasks down into steps.

What Else You Can Do

Managing ADHD is a daily set of tasks, and there are often speedbumps. You might need extra guidance, and that’s okay. Reach out to Sound Health Counseling today to get help managing your ADHD.