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Mindful Moments- Part 3

Posted on: August 30th, 2021

This summer I have been reading a lot of resources on mindfulness. During a recent vacation, I stopped
in a Five Below store and found some simple, yet helpful books on being mindful that can give you a
quick start or if you already practice, more skills to explore.
The books are called, The Mindfulness Journal by Corinne Sweet and 5-Minute Mindfulness Parenting by
Claire Gilman.
Inside are resources from starting your day, to mindful eating, walking, how to create a calm space, or
deal with those pesky racing thoughts. There are tidbits on taking a technology break, breathing

exercises, ways to clear the mind in different situations and with children, coping with loss, and how to
develop compassion for yourself and others.
Parents, the second book really places emphasis on nurturing relationships and raising your children,
with simple 5-minute exercises for the time-pressed parent. Really, they are gems. Buy one!
While many parents respond well to these stress-relieving tips or resources, managing parenting stress
can be too much at times. If you need more support, contact me at SHCS.