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No One’s Fault

Posted on: October 3rd, 2023

ADHD is tricky. There is a history of stigma attached to it with the idea that it’s a parenting issue or character flaw. Sure, there might be parenting practices that need to be refined, or there might be some character flaws in the person who has ADHD. It’s a complex web of cause and effect. There is no simple answer


What many people don’t know is that ADHD is hereditary. It’s also easily mistaken for anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and other disorders. Add to the mix that an individual can have all three of the conditions I just mentioned, and it’s no wonder people are so confused about it. There is evidence for genetics and environmental influence, prematurity and prenatal exposures, and significant head injury being causes of ADHD. Notice that sugar and food additives are not in that list.

What You Can Do?

If you are the loved one of someone with ADHD, work with them and set limits. ADHD cannot be cured, but it can and must be managed. Social skills can be learned, directing energy depending on the environment can be learned, a system of functioning can be learned. People with ADHD are often very intelligent- harness those smarts with them!

If you read all of this and feel daunted or just plain exhausted, reach out to Sound Health Counseling Solutions today. We create your treatment with you and help you through each step.