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Posted on: July 19th, 2023

ADHD often brings with it two things that are on opposite ends of the spectrum; hyperfocus and inattention. How does this make sense? The ADHD brain can become easily distracted, but it can also hyperfocus on an activity. If you are a parent, redirection of your children often falls on you, though there are alternatives to this. If you are an adult, redirection of yourself often falls on you, a friend, family member, partner, coworker, etc. There are ways to make the process easier, and sometimes more fun.


Teachers use them, some families use them, counselors use them. Timers have flexible use and there are a variety available. A timer can specify when an activity is finished and to transition. Specific songs can play this role also. The Pomodoro timer was developed with productivity and breaks in mind- you can hyperfocus and automatically know when to take a break. A timer can also be set for periods to remind you to refocus on what you are doing in case of distraction. 

Ease of Use

If you have a system for staying on track with attention, make sure it’s easy to use- easy to set up and reset. Spending time setting up the system can itself become a distraction, unless the creation of that setup becomes its own project before use. Putting effort into that project could provide motivation to then use the system. If the system is not user-friendly, then a person with ADHD is unlikely to use it. They’ll get tired of dealing with it and possibly stop bothering with their work because there is no longer a means of redirection. 

What More Can You Do?

These suggestions are things we would tell our own clients, but they are still general. For help with your specific situation and improving focus and redirection, contact Sound Health Counseling Solutions today!