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Showing Compassion for Our Health Care Providers

Posted on: May 30th, 2020

COVID19 has made its impact on the world.  Our country has taken steps to flatten the curve by restricting large social gatherings, closing schools and businesses, and placing entire states or counties under quarantine.  As the virus spreads, the health care industry prepares for an influx of cases.  Supplies are in demand from masks, testing kits, to ventilators.  Here are some ways you can help.

  • Make a mask.  If you have a talent for sewing, consider making and donating masks to a local hospital or testing site.
  • Restrict travel.  Work from home if able.  Purchase groceries and toiletries online whenever possible.
  • Join a community of faithful believers.  Connect virtually.  Meet up on Zoom.  Pray for your health care workers and an array of providers serving the needs of the community in your area.  Pray for all those affected by the crisis.
  • Donate:
    • Food to local healthcare teams and emergency personnel.
    • To charities or organizations that are providing helpful resources to hospitals.
    • Blood
  • Consider offering help with childcare or pets
  • Self-quarantine…even if you feel healthy at this time.
  • Acknowledge and thank them.  Use social media platforms to send virtual hugs or leave appreciative feedback.