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Taking a brief vacation

Posted on: July 15th, 2021

Whether you are at home or away from home, one of the best strategies for coping with big feelings,
stress and our disrupted lives are finding a space in which to get away from it all, even if only 20 minutes.
It’s like an extended break, but with your thoughts focused not on the problem, but on things that can
bring about some peace. Numerous sites are out there about staycations and vacations. According to
Travel Bugs World, there are numerous ideas to do just that. Here are a few helpful ones.

  1. Plan a weekend just for yourself. Consider a hotel, camping, a day trip, or visit the beach. Can’t
    get away? Perhaps a local road trip, historical tour, museum, the zoo, a concert, or some self-
    care just for you.
  2. Eat or drink your favorite food, mindfully and slowly. Consider a picnic or local cafe. Perhaps
    pick your favorite fruits at a local orchard.
  3. Get outside! Go to the beach, go fishing, visit a park, or botanical garden. Watch the sunrise or
  4. Get moving! Go for a hike, ride a bike, take a walk, go bowling…
  5. Relax! Have a spa day, try a little yoga, read a book…
    Our world has been hit hard this past year and continues to be affected by COVID19. Be kind to yourself
    and to others. Relax, my friend.
    For more information on ways to cope, contact me at SHCS.