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The Power of Connections

Posted on: July 15th, 2019

I’ve recently discovered my new favorite movie, Wonder.

It is hopeful and heartwarming despite pain, suffering, and loss faced by a child and his family.  In a world where bullying is rampant, love, support, and friendship overcome the odds.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it, or read the book.  I highly recommend it.

The movie reinforces that each of us faces a hard battle and ultimately kindness, compassion, paying attention to others, and offering support connects us and helps us to see each other.

Recently, I created Sound Health Counseling Solutions, LLC to connect people through music, the creative arts, counseling, and mindful action by offering a unique service that provides hope and solutions in a broken world.  

We all seek relief from our pain, to feel happier, less stressed, and more content.  We all seek acceptance and a sense of belonging.  

I’m an introvert.  I’m generally quiet around large groups of people.  While I enjoy being with people and making music with them, I also get energy by having alone time.  I am super animated with kids and older adults.  I’m quieter and more serious around co-workers (they are nodding), intimidated by social media (they are laughing), and do not care for large crowds.  I also have fewer meaningful friendships than most extroverts.  While having fewer friendships may sound sad to an extrovert, it’s just right for me.  But for many of the folks I encounter, establishing and creating a connection can be very stressful.  This lack of connection can feel isolating and lonely.

Are you feeling lonely, withdrawn, or unsure how to create meaningful relationships?  Try these 6 tips to connect with others in your life.

Identify Your Unique Interests: 

What do you like to do?  Do you have a favorite hobby, sport, music genre, or topic?  Whom do you like to share these interests with?  (A family member, peer, co-worker?)

Research Hangouts:

There is a meet-up for just about anything these days, whether it be a Minecraft group, new mom’s group, or a following of Star Wars fans on social media.  Find out where people that have your interests are meeting up.  Do they meet at school, church, online, in a performing group, at the movies, bowling alley, or the gym? 

Make Your List

Identify three potential groups to contact.  If it’s online, find out if the group is open or closed.  Find out when they meet and determine if any of the meet-ups could fit in your schedule.

Contact Your Resource

This is the hardest part, folks!  Not sure what to say?  Try this script… “Hi, my name is________.  I’m interested in________.  I noticed you offer a _________ group on__________.  Are you accepting new members?  If, so, is there a fee to join?  Thank you.”

Join/Attend the Event

Attend Comicon and bring someone along.  Go to the theater.  Meet at the movies.  Go to a concert.  Join a chorus, orchestra, or band.  Play in a drum circle.  Attend a baseball or football game. These are all places where you can encounter like-minded people just like you.  Too much?  Consider a smaller venue, like a restaurant, Bible study, or coffee shop.  The importance here is that you do something.  Get out of your comfort zone.

Establish that connection

Speak up.  (This can feel a bit uncomfortable if you are not an extrovert, but it’s brave and helpful).  Introduce yourself.  Talk about a topic of interest.  Find out three things about the other person.  See if the other person is interested in meeting up again.  Schedule the meet-up.

Need more support with your connections?  Contact me at SHCS.